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Fields of expertise

Accounting & Finance

Dariane supports you with your communication towards your subsidiaries, clients and local regulators by translating:

 accounting and operational procedures,

 audit reports,

materials for audit and consulting meetings.

Regulated information

Dariane assists you in the communication with investors and the achievement of regulatory requirements by translating the:

registration document,

annual report,

management report.

Institutional communication

Dariane helps you to promote your products and services abroad. We translate:

commercial documents,


 user guides and instructions,

 marketing materials.

Contracts & Legal documents

Dariane helps you interacting with your suppliers and local authorities by translating:


 calls for tender,

administrative files,

companies’ statutes.

CVs & Cover letters

Dariane translates the application forms of Finance professionals.

Web sites

Dariane assists you in the translation of your web site (Word files / WordPress).

Business lines & Languages




Financial services

Real estate

Marketing & Communication



Correction & Proofreading of translated texts


Dariane provides two types of correction services:

the Simple Correction consisting of correcting spelling and grammar errors;

 the Detailed Correction which is complementary to the Simple Correction as it also includes the correction of syntax mistakes and the rewriting of complex sentences, while remaining faithful to their original meaning.

Proofreading of translated texts

Our professionals perform proofreading to identify and correct misinterpretations as well as spelling, grammar and syntax errors.

Translated documents are compared to documents to translate.

The proofreading of translations also allows having an objective opinion before wider distribution of translated documents.

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