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Our offer

Dariane provides services around written communication: translation, proofreading and revision.

If you wish to operate at an international level, Dariane is the right partner. Trust us with your written communication, we will support you in this great adventure !



Accounting – Finance

Dariane helps you to communicate with your subsidiaries abroad and local regulators by translating accounting and operational procedures, audit reports, external auditors’ reports, etc.

Regulated information 

Dariane supports you with your communication towards investors and the achievement of your regulatory obligations by translating the registration document, annual and management reports, etc.


Legal – Tax

Dariane facilitates communication with local authorities by translating contracts, responses to calls for tenders, administrative files, company statutes, etc.

Corporate communication   

Dariane helps you to promote your products and services abroad. We translate marketing documents, leaflets, user guides and instructions, commercial materials, etc.

Lines of business

  • Transportation

  • Energy

  • Industry

  • Financial Services

  • Real Estate

  • Marketing & Communication


Our professionals translate into their native language.

  • French

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

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Proofreading & Revision



Our professionals proceed with due diligence.

Dariane provides two types of proofreading:

  • Standard proofreading  fix spelling and grammar mistakes,
  • Detailed proofreading – completes Standard proofreading by reviewing syntax errors and rewriting complex sentences, while remaining faithful to the original meaning.

Our professionals track misinterpretation mistakes in translated texts.

They compare translations to documents to be translated.

Reviewing translations allows you to get an objective opinion before releasing documents in foreign languages.

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